Home Health Care

We offer home physiotherapy services for patients that would prefer to receive care at their home or workplace. Our at-home physiotherapy patients receive the same high quality care that we offer in our clinics. We also instruct each patient on how they can use their home environment to help them achieve their rehabilitation goals.

Our services include nursing, rehabilitative, therapeutic & assistive home health care. We provide medical care professional and equipments for patients and clients who are recovering after a hospital stay or are bed-ridden.

Our staff of home care physiotherapists have advanced training in specialized fields including orthopedic, neurologic and cancer physiotherapy. We are NOT a virtual business or ‘online marketplace’ for independent service providers. Each of our physiotherapists were hand-selected, hired, and are long-term and valued members of our staff.

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Welcome to our Physiotherapy clinic “Rohini” & “Punjabi Bagh”