Paediatric Occupational Therapy

Combined affect of occupational & physical therapist helps children gain independence & promotes development of fine motor skills, sensory motor skills, delayed development milestones, down syndrome, central pals, Brachial plexus injury conditions responds to specialised skills of our team.

Physiotherapists entering this field of pediatrics will need to be prepared to adapt to the techniques that they have learned in relationship to adults to the ever changing needs of the growing child. The physiotherapist will inevitably work within the context of the child and his family and have opportunity to work with the child in a range of situations extending into home, pre school groups, education and leisure activities.

Because of the complex needs of the child and the family, the physiotherapist may work with many other disciplines including medical, nursing, social work, educational and care staff, psychological and psychiatric teams as well as speech and occupational therapists. The physiotherapist working in such teams must be able to communicate his/her observations, assessments and treatment plans to the child, his parents and other members of the team.

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